MySQL Community Server 5.0.82


Šta reći osim da smo počeli sa „rapid release“ kao sto smo obećali. Sada enterprise i GPL MySQL server izlaze u isto vreme, čak gpl izlazi malo češće. Evo ga 5.0.82, dotični je production release, ima dosta bug fiksova, update sa prethodne verzije bi trebao da ide glatko i bez ikakvih problema.

Glavni bagovi popravljeni u ovoj verziji su (od sad pa na dalje spisak bug fiksova se nalazi u prvom komentaru na post pošto sam spisak nije toliko značajan a pojede celu stranu :) )

Ovo je prvi release koji NE uključuje AIX 5.2

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Bogdan Kecman

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  • Spisak ispravljenih bagova:

    • Replication: Restarting the replication slave — either by using STOP SLAVE plus START SLAVE, or by restarting the slave mysqld process — could sometimes cause the slave to crash when using a debug version of the server. (Bug#38694)
    • Replication: Killing the thread executing a DDL statement, after it had finished its execution but before it had written the binlog event, caused the error code in the binlog event to be set (incorrectly) to ER_SERVER_SHUTDOWN or ER_QUERY_INTERRUPTED, which caused replication to fail. (Bug#37145) See also Bug#27571, Bug#22725
    • Replication: Column alises used inside subqueries were ignored in the binary log. (Bug#35515)
    • Replication: The statements DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS and DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS were not written to the binary log if the procedure or function to be dropped did not exist. (Bug#13684) See also Bug#25705.
    • Use of HANDLER statements with INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables caused a server crash. Now HANDLER is prohibited with such tables. (Bug#44151)
    • myisamchk could display a negative Max keyfile length value. (Bug#43950 )
    • On Windows, a server crash occurred for attempts to insert a floating-point value into a CHAR column with a maximum length less than the converted floating-point value length. (Bug#43833)
    • UNION of floating-point numbers did unnecessary rounding. (Bug#43432)
    • Certain statements might open a table and then wait for an impending global read lock without noticing whether they hold a table being waiting for by the global read lock, causing a hang. Affected statements are SELECT … FOR UPDATE, LOCK TABLES … WRITE, TRUNCATE TABLE, and LOAD DATA INFILE. (Bug#43230)
    • The InnoDB btr_search_drop_page_hash_when_freed() function had a race condition. (Bug#42279)
    • Compressing a table with the myisampack utility caused the server to produce Valgrind warnings when it opened the table. (Bug#41541)
    • For a MyISAM table with DELAY_KEY_WRITE enabled, the index file could be corrupted without the table being marked as crashed if the server was killed. (Bug#41330 )
    • Multiple-table UPDATE statements did not properly activate triggers. (Bug#39953)
    • An UPDATE statement that updated a column using the same DES_ENCRYPT() value for each row actually updated different rows with different values. (Bug#35087)
    • For shared-memory connections, the read and write methods did not properly handle asynchronous close events, which could lead to the client locking up waiting for a server response. For example, a call to mysql_real_query() would block forever on the client side if the executed statement was aborted on the server side. Thanks to Armin Schöffmann for the bug report and patch. (Bug#33899)
    • CHECKSUM TABLE was not killable with KILL QUERY. (Bug#33146)
    • myisamchk and myisampack were not being linked with the library that enabled support for * filename pattern expansion. (Bug#29248)
    • COMMIT did not delete savepoints if there were no changes in the transaction. (Bug#26288)
    • Several memory allocation functions were not being checked for out-of-memory return values. (Bug#25058)
  • ako pogledas sada sajt, primetices da vest jos uvek ne postoji … (bice tamo tek za koji dan)

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