MySQL Server 5.0.83 community verzija „samo sto nije“


Spreman je release, trenutno se pakuju binaries .. dakle za koji sat/dan

Functionality added or changed:

* The time zone tables for Windows available at have been
updated. (Bug#39923:

Bugs fixed:

* Replication: When stopping and restarting the slave while it
was replicating temporary tables, the slave server could crash
or raise an assertion failure. This was due to the fact that,
although temporary tables were saved between slave thread
restarts, the reference to the thread being used
(table->in_use) was not being properly updated when
restarting, continuing to reference the old thread instead of
the new one. This issue affected statement-based replication
only. (Bug#41725:

* UNCOMPRESSED_LENGTH() returned a garbage result when passed a
string shorter than 5 bytes. Now UNCOMPRESSED_LENGTH() returns
NULL and generates a warning.

* Several Valgrind warnings were silenced.

* Incorrect time was reported at the end of mysqldump output.

* EXPLAIN EXTENDED could crash for UNION queries in which the
last SELECT was not parenthesized and included an ORDER BY
clause. (Bug#43612:

* SELECT … INTO @var could produce values different from
SELECT … without the INTO clause.

* Using –hexdump together with –read-from-remote-server caused
mysqlbinlog to crash. (Bug#41943:

* For views created with a column list clause, column aliases
were not substituted when selecting through the view using a
HAVING clause. (Bug#40825:

* A multiple-table DELETE involving a table self-join could
cause a server crash. (Bug#39918:

* Creating an InnoDB table with a comment containing a ‘#’
character caused foreign key constraints to be omitted.

* The mysql option –ignore-spaces was nonfunctional.

* If a query was such as to produce the error 1054 Unknown
column ‘…’ in ‘field list’, using EXPLAIN EXTENDED with the
query could cause a server crash.

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